28 Sep 2023 
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 APD Agent Patch
Posted By: Prakash Redrouthu On: 06 Apr 2009 11:49 AM
Details APD Agent Patch

Sirvisetti, global Leader in Business Automation Software and Services for small and large business. Sirvisetti AutoPrint introduced APD Agent for printing documents to Desktop Printer.
The Sirvisetti AutoPrint Patch attempts to correct the problem of sporadic crashes of the Agent when it is run for a very long time by installing the APD Agent Process helper.
The process helper has two main functions
1. Check the health of the APD agent.
2. Start the agent if it crashes.

Note: patch is for 4.51 to 4.63 and does not apply to 5.0
Please Contact us for installing the Patch.

Sirvisetti Global Tech Support
Tel: +1.609.455.1960 Ext 2012
Fax: +1.609.514.5160


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